Notice of general intent

An incredible journey into the heart of the Ardennes forest.

It is through a young boy’s look at a fascinating forest in which he must constantly struggle, that I will achieve the objective of my movie.

In search of love and support, the young hero of my short film is looking for potential allies in the forest. His secret quest stretches in time throughout the four seasons of the year. The little boy faces ups and downs but boosted by magical encounters and driven by a strong personality, he is not ready to give up, especially not when the preservation of “his forest” is at stake.

When the forest gets powerfull, he realizes that just like reed in the wind, he no longer has a grip on time and space. From then on, his personal fight continues from within his mind, taking the form of powerful thoughts. When it becomes obvious that everything is lost, he performs a genuine act of hope for life.

Through the eyes of the child, the viewer will experience the dichotomy of Nature, so beautiful but often dangerous, as well as the paradox which defines human beings, so fragile but sometimes so great by the very nature of their courageous actions.

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