A graduate from the “Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD)” of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, Sébastien Pins begins his directing career with Nature Movies.

Driven by the success of his first short film "My Forest" he recently wrote his first short fiction nature movie entitled "Through the Eyes of a Child".

After a long period of writing, he was (and still is) confronted with the harsh reality of a certain kind of cinema which doesn’t seem of great interest for most of the ​​Belgian production companies.

Present days are difficult for producers. Culture suffers from a huge lack of funding. Unfortunately, Public Authorities seldom show interest for projects like mine, which aim is to show that there is some beauty in both Nature and Man”.

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Supported by the Association "Humanity and Biodiversity" headed by famous astrophysicist Hubert Reeves, Sébastien Pins takes the lead of the film production and decides to launch a crowdfunding campaign via kisskissbank.

The funds are gathered quicker than expected and actress Marion Cotillard joins the project. Shooting dates are scheduled.  

"Thank you for the beauty"

Marion Cotillard


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During the first day of the shooting, the team faces totally unforeseen extreme weather conditions. The latter, despite everybody’s good will, prove unmanageable.

“The forest has actually imposed its rules on us” comments director Sébastien Pins. 

Mr Pins take the decision, against his will and very sadly, to cancel the shooting is taken in order to preserve the equipment and the financial means for later on. 


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Sébastien goes on and rewrites the story taking into account new technical and logistical constraints. The new version of the project proves much richer than the original one. 

With cinema as a tool, he says, I try to reconnect Man with Nature, I try to remind people of the fair values ​​much too often forgotten by our materialistic society. 

Due to its inherent technical constraints the project should now be worn by professionals in each field.

After several meetings with Belgian chief operators, he realizes that a director of photography specialized in shooting in forests and hostile environments is a must.


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Once this person found, the budget required for the production of the film is reevaluated with the help of professionals. The financial means necessary for the completion of the project prove much bigger now than initially estimated.

A director who believes in his project and in the values ​​thereof, he adds, never gives up and continues to move on despite all the obstacles standing before him. No pain, no gain, as they say! Projects achieved through hardship often give you more satisfaction than easy and unchallenging ones.

Sébastien Pins has been devoting all his energy to the search for sponsors for over a year now.

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Different associations, companies but also private persons are backing the project. The partners of the project share the director’s passion and commitment.

Those “supporters” were deeply touched, as well as many viewers, by Sébastien Pins’ commitment to nature. A movie which inspires its audience can indeed trigger positive actions for the preservation of our planet’s forests.

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