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The United Nations is an international organization regrouping, with only a few exceptions, all the nations of the World. Its mission is to promote international co-operation. In addition to enforcing resolutions adopted by the member-states, the UN also focuses on sustainable development.

Sébastien Pins really impressed the audience when he presented his short film “My Forest” at the tribune of the United Nations on 10 April 2013. More infos on support of the U.N

Since then, the UN supports and promotes the work of this young director whose mission is to reconcile man with nature through cinema.

Actress and director

Marion Cotillard

A famous French actress whose reputation is well established, Marion Cotillard has received many prestigious distinctions worldwide throughout the course of her career. Everyone remembers the “Oscar for best actress” she won in 2008 for her superb interpretation in the movie “La Môme” (“La vie en rose”).

Her commitment to the preservation of our planet’s forests is widely appreciated and she could be defined as a convinced environmentalist.

Thank you for the beauty... - Marion Cotillard

Having had the opportunity to see the film "My Forest", the first short film by Sebastian Pins, she was deeply touched by its beauty and amazing sensitivity. She naturally chose to support the “Through the Eyes of a Child” project.

Astrophysicist, science lecturer and ecologist

Hubert Reeves

A French-Canadian astrophysicist, science lecturer and ecologist, Hubert Reeves has been supporting the project since its inception through his Association "Humanity & Biodiversity" and its thousands of members.

His association fights to protect wildlife and biodiversity. Through its awareness campaigns and very efficient fieldwork, it influences decision makers.

Committed since the beginning of the project, Hubert Reeves actively supports “Through the Eyes of a Child”. Having watched “My Forest” numerous times, says Hubert, I just can’t wait for the release of “Through the Eyes of a Child”, directed by our talented friend Sebastien Pins.


Tanguy Dumortier

Tanguy Dumortier is the official presenter of a famous nature television programme called “Le jardin extraodinaire” (“The extraordinary garden”), broadcasted on the Belgian TV network RTBF every Sunday evening.

Deeply committed to the preservation of the Congolese ecosystem, Tanguy directed in 2011-2012 a series of documentaries entitled “Congo Nature”, “The Eastern Treasure” and “Virunga Awakening” in which he managed to capture the beauty of the Congo but also the daily lives of Park Rangers braving all dangers to preserve a sanctuary of biodiversity.

Impressed by Sébastien Pins’ work and approach to nature preservation, Tanguy Dumortier also decided to support “Through the Eyes of a Child”.

"How could we not be amazed, surprised and enriched by each of Sebastian’s films ? It's always a blend of poetry, philosophy and creativity in which every second leaves an imprint".

Painter, illustrator, muralist and animated film director

Frederic Back

Frédéric Back was an artist and also an internationally renowned director, committed to the preservation of our planet. He won two Oscars in 1982 and 1988, one of which presented to him for a true masterpiece : “L’homme qui plantait des arbres” (“The man who planted trees”).

To our great sadness, Mr Back has left us.

In memory of this great man and in the name of his Studio, his daughter Süzel Back made ​​us extremely proud by sponsoring "Through the eyes of a child". We are very happy about it: Mr. Back will always remain in our hearts!

Photographer and Writer

Benjamin Stassen

Benjamin Stassen is a photographer and writer of great renown . His works serve as a reference today as far as the Ardennes Forest Heritage is concerned.

Founder of the association “Le Marronnier” in 1989, laureate of several foundations, Benjamin has dedicated his life to knowledge and protection of trees and remarkable landscapes for nearly 25 years. Several books punctuate his journey: " Giants with Feet of Clay ", the amazing " Forest of Shadows ", the collection " The Soul of the Ardennes " and " Song of the Trees" .

Being also an artist, he understands the difficulties facing artists like Sébastien Pins defending the forest through their art. His association actively supports the project " Through the Eyes of a Child ".

" There are beings - and creators - whose quality of soul and purity of intentions are such that one is immediately struck by the quiet and irresistible energy that drive them."

Photographer and Writer

Thierry Machado

Thierry Machado is a renowned chief operator who is responsible for the pictures of the most famous nature films. Who among us doesn't remember the success of "Le peuple migrateur", "Le dernier trappeur", "Loup" and many more such as "La planète blanche" or "Au-delà des cimes".

In 1997, Thierry Machado receives a César for Best Photography in "Microcosmos" and, since then, he doesn't cease to amaze us with magnificent images.

Today, he decides to support Mister Pins in the making of his film project where nature's place speaks to him particularly.